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11 string kantele









This kantele has a resonant, bottomless design, constructed from separate pieces of alder and finished with linseed oil. In Finland, the 11 string model is now the most popular next step for kantele students moving up from the 5 string kantele.


Tuning in diatonic: (Longest to shortest string)    A  B  C#  D  E  F#  G  A  B  C#  D


Comes supplied with tuning key and spare strings.  


Length: 75cm


Price: €229      Postage worldwide (Priority with tracking): €39


Extras:       Soft case €59                                    


                  Clip on digital tuner €20                    


                  Dark oak stain €25  


                  Name or wording pyrography €20


                  Fitted strap €15


                  Fitted Piezo Microphone €25






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